In Madison County, the Probate Judge has many diverse responsibilities. First, he presides over all cases that come before the Probate Judge. These cases include matters involving wills and estates, guardianships and conservatorships, adoptions, involuntary mental commitments, condemnations, annexations and name changes. The Probate Judge also oversees and administers all of the elections in Madison County. He oversees the recording and retention of probate records that include documents such as deeds and mortgages, powers of attorney, subdivision plats, judgments and many others.   The Probate Judge also issues marriage licenses. Because the Probate Judge performs all of these tasks, he  needs to have knowledge, ability and legal training to understand and apply the laws of the State of Alabama.  He should also have the skill and experience to manage all of the administrative functions of the Probate Court.


Apply my knowledge of the law, my training in the law and my experience practicing law, to fairly and competently judge cases that come before me. I will strive to treat everybody with respect and compassion and to apply the law timely and correctly.

Apply my administrative experience to efficiently manage the office of Probate Judge being always mindful that the office serves Madison County and is funded with taxpayer dollars.

Administer all elections so that candidates are treated fairly, voters are kept abreast of elections, and elections are administered within the Constitution and the laws of the United States and Alabama.


Most important of all, I am an attorney with over 20 years experience in probate matters. I have litigated almost every type of case that can be tried in Probate Court. The Probate Judge should be an attorney for several reasons. First, to effectively administer justice a Judge must understand how to apply the law and the various rules of courts. Second, a Judge must be able to decide issues in court quickly and equitably. Third, a Judge should be able to adjudicate all of the cases that come before him or her and not create a situation where litigants have to transfer their cases to District or Circuit Court. In addition, when the Probate Judge is an attorney, he or she has  powers of equity which a non-lawyer Probate Judge does not have.
I have administrative experience and have managed a business for over ten years. I have also served as a pastor, and have experience managing the business of a church and leading people to work together toward a common goal. I am also familiar with the recording and retention of documents in Probate Court. Finally, I have experience with elections having worked as a Precinct Inspector for eight years.


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