I want to be your Probate Judge because I have the experience, legal training and compassion to serve the citizens of Madison County. People come to the Probate Court when they have lost a loved one, when their loved one is incompetent or incapacitated and needs help, when their loved one is mentally ill and needs treatment, or when they are joyfully getting married or adopting a child. They also come to Probate Court for more routine matters such as recording deeds or powers of attorney, recording mortgages or changing their name. Whether the matter is routine or heart wrenching they need to be treated with compassion and respect, with caring and competence. Because these matters are important, and because they often involve litigation or court proceedings, it is important that the Judge handling those matters have formal legal training to handle these matter with competence and fairness. I have been practicing law for over 26 years and I have the the legal training and experience to competently and fairly handle legal issue which come before the Probate Court. My time as a pastor has also equipped me to compassionately serve people who are hurting emotionally and mentally. For these reasons, I respectfully ask for your vote for Probate Judge of Madison County.


Milburn Gross

Plan of Action


There are issues that need to be addressed with the present operation of the Probate court. To address those issues, I plan to do the following.

*   Continue the digital modernization of the Probate Court so that legal documents can be e-filed on line, and so that the public can access legal documents in a consumer friendly environment.
*   Improve the oversight of Guardians and Conservators by developing and implementing a system that monitors the compliance of conservators, and the filing of partial and final statements. Implement an online training program for conservators and develop a manual for conservators to use and follow in the administration of conservatorships.
*   Collaborate with WellStone to implement an out-patient program, and work with other mental health courts and programs to achieve better outcomes across the mental health spectrum, and assist families in getting effective treatment for their mentally ill family members.
*   Do a comprehensive evaluation of records and storage of records to move toward more cost effective and space conscious storage and retention options.